News Releases

USCIS Helps Detect Marriage Fraud Ring

USCIS Issues Guidance on Discretionary Employment Authorization for Parolees

USCIS Announces Final Rule Enforcing Long-Standing Public Charge Inadmissibil...

USCIS Will Adjust International Footprint to Seven Locations

USCIS Assists in Conviction of Visa Fraud Perpetrator

USCIS to End Certain Categorical Parole Programs

USCIS Detects and Assists in Conviction of U-Visa Fraud Perpetrators

USCIS Releases U Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide to Better Support Certif...

USCIS Announces Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Opportunities

Asylum and Internal Relocation Guidance

USCIS Closes the Moscow Field Office to Public on Feb. 28, 2019

New Rulemaking Brings Significant Changes to EB-5 Program

USCIS Announces Plan to Improve the Naturalization Test

USCIS to Celebrate Independence Day by Welcoming Nearly 7,500 New Citizens

Celebrating Independence Day 2019 with Naturalization Ceremonies

Independence Day Naturalization Ceremony on the USS Constitution