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USCIS Reverts to the 2008 Version of the Naturalization Civics Test

USCIS Modifies H-1B Selection Process to Prioritize Wages

USCIS Ending Two Categorical Parole Programs

USCIS Extends Flexibility for Responding to Agency Requests

USCIS Updates Discretionary Criteria for Case-by-Case Interview Determination...

DHS Proposes to Limit Work Permits for Aliens with Final Orders of Removal

USCIS Updates Policy Guidance Regarding Discretionary Factors for Adjustment ...

USCIS Announces a Revised Naturalization Civics Test

DHS, Trump Administration Protect American Jobs from Unfair International Com...

DHS Proposes Rule to Strengthen Affidavit of Support Process

USCIS Response to Preliminary Injunction of Fee Rule

CW-1 Employers Must Verify Continued Employment and Payment of CW-1 Workers b...

USCIS Launches Sponsor Deeming and Agency Reimbursement Information Collectio...

USCIS Adopts AAO Decision on TPS and Authorized Travel

USCIS Averts Furlough of Nearly 70% of Workforce

USCIS Adjusts Fees to Help Meet Operational Needs